We Think Digital

silverLabs forges an innovative and connecting mindset in northern Germany. It is our mission to create a space where new ideas and teams can be born and grow together to add value together and enrich the region with innovation and ideas.

The silverLabs

We offer individual and interdisciplinary offers for students, pupils and companies as well as public institutions in the region in order to connect and develop skilled workers in the region in the long term.
We create a flexible environment for innovative ideas and minds that want to advance digitalization, experience agile software development, and experience team spirit.

Our goal is to make digitalization comprehensible and tangible and to become the center for digitalization in the region.

Career and Team Booster

Full speed ahead towards the future

silverLabs supports you in getting to know your ideal employer in the region and getting in contact with them. In addition, initial ideas and projects can be successfully implemented together. This is how you build your own personal careers network and get a taste of exciting digitalization projects.

Project and Innovation Booster

Just think outside the box

Our team of experienced coaches and software developers will be pleased to advise you and provide impulses for new ideas and innovations. We offer you a pleasant and efficient working environment to realize your project. It also gives you access to the best students and companies in the region.


We are the spirit behind the silverLabs. Thanks to our interdisciplinary structure, we are as flexible as the requirements of a project. We support you from brainstorming through software development and architecture to coaching, project management and agile methods.

Our Locations


Our creative center offers you well equipped work, meeting and training rooms such as our CreativeSpace.


On the campus of the TU Clausthal, we have a counseling center as a starting point for students, as well as workshops for the production of prototypes.


  • Digitaler Ort Niedersachsen

    SilverLabs werden zum „Digitalen Ort Niedersachsens“ ausgezeichnet. Preisverleihung und Tag der offenen Tür am 18. Juni 2019

    Als eine Einrichtung, die sich engagiert und kreativ für das Vorankommen der Digitalisierung in Niedersachsen einsetzt, werden am 18. Juni die silverL…

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Partners & Promoter

The silverLabs are a project of the TU Clausthal. Together with our partners we want to form the regional interface between science and practice.

  • „That's exactly what happened in the digitalization lab [students and companies] learn from each other and stimulate each other. This exchange makes it possible to develop new approaches and ways of working.“
    Institute Director Professor Dr. Andreas Rausch
  • „The DigiLab will be a booster for some of our students career and in the future some of their ideas could be realized through spin-offs from TU Clausthal.“
    President of the TU Clausthal (retd.) Prof. Dr. Thomas Hanschke
  • „This forward- looking project is representive of the innovative strength of our region. This laboratory will not only provide important impulses for the necessary digitalization of our companies, but it will also contribute to the bondage of young people to our region.“
    Thomas Brych, District Administrator of the Landkreis Goslar
  • „It's a great story for Goslar that a company like Oracle is coming here and mentally inspired by students from Clausthal.“
    Oliver Junk, (Lord) Mayor of Goslar